Gas stations

Rules for drivers at gas stations; waiting for a gas attendant; and current prices.

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In Barbados, drivers are not permitted to pump their own fuel. You must park at an available pump, turn off your engine and wait for a gas attendant. However, you can leave your car during pumping if desired.

You will be asked what type of fuel you need and how much fuel you require (expressed in Barbados Dollars). If you advise the gas attendant that you want a full tank, make sure you let them know if you want to stop at 'first click', because they will usually full a tank all the way to the top.

Once pumping is finished, the gas attendant will take payment from you.

Fuel prices

Petroleum is expensive in Barbados due to the duties and taxes imposed by the government. However, all gas stations in Barbados charge the same rate because fuel prices are fixed by the government.

We regularly publish the latest gasoline and diesel prices on our news blog.

Payment methods

All gas stations accept cash and card payments. Visa and Mastercard are universally accepted, but you may have issues with Amex cards.

If you are paying in cash, gas stations usually accept Barbados Dollars only.

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