Registering a domain name

Find out how you can register your own ".bb" domain. The official ccTLD of Barbados.

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A domain name is an easy to remember address that allows persons to find a business or service on the Internet. However, a website is not the same as a domain name. This is because a domain name simply acts as a pointer to a resource on the Internet. For example, a domain name can be used for e-mail only, or a website only, or both.

When you access a website, such as, your device does not know what this means, but every domain name resolves to an IP address. This is what your device needs to know in order to display a website or send an e-mail. However, an IP address is not user friendly or easy to remember. A domain name solves this problem.

If you are interested in creating a website for yourself or your business, you need a domain name. Once you have one, you need to find a company that offers website hosting. This can be very technical, but you can find companies that offer 'no code' website hosting – often called website builders. In this scenario, you may be able to build your website first before you need to register a domain name.

How to register a ".bb" domain name

You need to fill out Form TU052 and send it to the Telecommunications Unit of the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology.

If your application is accepted, you are granted a licence for one year. If you wish to maintain your domain name for another year afterwards, you can apply for a renewal of your licence before the expiration date using the same form, making sure to check the option to indicate that you are renewing your licence.

The licence fee is BBD $120 per year. [1]

Online Application

You can submit an electronic application via the online application form. If your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail from a Telecommunications Engineer directing you to pay the licence fee via, the official payment gateway of the Barbados Government.

Please wait until you receive confirmation of approval from the Telecommunications Unit before you pay the licence fee via EZPay+.

Postal Application

You can submit a physical application by printing out and completing Form TU052, and posting it to:

Chief Telecommunications Officer
Telecommunications Unit
Country Road
St. Michael
Barbados BB11081
West Indies

You must include a cheque payable to the Chief Telecommunications Officer for the amount of BBD $120 or USD $62. [1]

[1] Annual licence fee pursuant to Part II of the Second Schedule to the Telecommunications (Licence Fees) Regulations, 2003, as amended.

Frequently asked questions

If you submitted an online application and have not received a response after 3 working days, please e-mail the Telecommunications Unit: [email protected]. If your request is urgent, try calling +1 (246) 535-1275.

For postal applications, we recommend waiting at least 10 working days before contacting the Telecommunications Unit. If you posted your application from overseas, it may take more than 20 working days for your mail to arrive in Barbados.

You are free to choose whether or not to submit an application to renew a domain registration. However, if you do not renew your domain name before it expires, your website will stop working and the Telecommunications Unit may remove your domain name from its registry.

Please note a domain name does not remain permanently reserved. If you do not renew your domain name before it expires, it will become available for anyone to register and use.

Domain names cannot be cancelled once registered. Refunds will not be granted by the Telecommunications Unit unless required by Barbadian law.

If you no longer want your domain name, you can allow it to expire. There is no obligation to renew a domain registration licence.

You will have the opportunity to specify the nameservers as part of your registration application. We recommend using CloudFlare as your DNS provider.

If you need to change your nameservers after registration, you will need to submit your request by e-mail to the Telecommunications Unit: [email protected]. If your request is urgent, try calling +1 (246) 535-1275.