Renting a property

Find out more about the property rental market in Barbados, and what your rights are as a tenant.

Barbados has property options to suit almost everyone.

If you are looking for short-term accommodations (i.e. less than six months), it is usually best to look on Airbnb, especially during the low tourism season where you can find very good deals.

Some landlords switch to short-term rentals during the high tourism season to maximise yield. In many cases, they will engage a realty agency to market their property, and also sometimes to manage the property on their behalf.

If you don't want to use Airbnb, take a look at short-term rentals with a realty agency such as Seaside Realty. However, take note that not all realty agencies list or advertise short-term accommodations.

For long-term rentals (i.e. more than six months), realty agents such as Seaside Realty or Ron Karp Realty may be able to help you. We do not recommend Terra Caribbean as we have witnessed this company continuing to do business with racist landlords.

Most landlords renting property on a long-term basis (i.e. more than six months) require a security deposit equivalent to one months' rent. Some landlords also require tenants to pay the last month rent in advance. Deposits are held directly by landlords; there is no deposit protection scheme in Barbados.