Sending and receiving phone calls in Barbados

Phone numbers in Barbados use the same format as the United States.

In Barbados, making local calls from a landline ("fixed line") is usually free, including calls to local mobile numbers. If you receive a phone call on your mobile phone from a fixed line, you are usually charged for that call despite the fact you are the recipient.

There are two types of SIM cards in Barbados: prepaid and postpaid.

With a prepaid SIM, you need to top up credit to make/receive calls and send texts. However, you can also use your credit to purchase a prepaid plan. Some plans are designed for data only; others include a combination of data and inclusive minutes.

With a postpaid SIM, you need to select a plan that provides the amount of data and minutes that suits your needs. You will be charged each month for any calls you make/receive, texts you send and data you use that are not covered by the plan.

It is not possible to order a mobile SIM online. If you need one, you will need to visit a Flow or Digicel store in person. Both companies have stores at the Sheraton Mall, Sky Mall and The Dome.