Buying a vehicle

Choosing a reputable dealer; getting your car weighed and registered; and importing vehicles.

If you are looking to buy a new Toyota vehicle, the official dealer in Barbados is Nassco. For new or used Suzuki or Chevrolet vehicles, the official dealer is Inchcape Barbados (formely known as Simpson Motors).

We have been advised that Nassco allows persons on the Welcome Stamp visa to apply for financing if desired. This facility is also offered by Inchcape Barbados but only to Barbadian citizens and permanent residents at this time.

When you buy a vehicle – new or used – you first need to get the vehicle insured and then weighed at the Barbados Licensing Authority's weighing bridge at The Pine, St. Michael. Your vehicle's tank must be full, and proof of sale and insurance needs to be furnished. It costs BDS $25 to get a vehicle weighed.

After a vehicle is weighed, you will be given a weight certificate and can proceed to vehicle registration with the Barbados Revenue Authority. It costs BDS $400 to get a vehicle registered.

Many car dealers in Barbados will handle the vehicle registration process for you. It may be a complimentary service or something they offer for an extra fee. There are usually very long wait times to get vehicles weighed and registered, so we strongly advise letting your dealer handle it for you if they offer to do so.

In case you are thinking of importing a car into Barbados, please note that imported cars are subject to very high import duties and levies. Furthermore, only vehicles less than four years in age with an odometre reading not exceeding 50,000 km can be imported. [1]

Please note you must have a valid domestic or foreign driving licence to drive on a public road in Barbados. If you have a foreign licence, you cannot use it in Barbados without a valid Visitor Driving Permit.

[1] Import duties, excise taxes and vehicle age/odometre limits do not apply to official diplomats importing their car, or to Barbadian citizens returning to Barbados under the Barbados Network Programme and importing their car under the terms of that Programme.

Frequently asked questions

If your foreign driving licence has expired, you will need to get your foreign driving licence renewed before you can apply for a Visitor Driving Permit.

However, if your foreign driving licence is expiring (but has not yet expired), the validity period of your Visitor Driving Permit will be limited to the amount of time remaining on your foreign driving licence, or the maximum period allowed for the licence fee paid, whichever is sooner.

Foreign nationals only need a Visitor Driving Permit if they wish to drive on public roads in Barbados using a valid foreign driving licence.

It is not currently possible to apply for a new driving licence online.

However, if you have a Barbados ID card and your driving licence expired less than three years ago, you can renew your driving licence at Once payment has been submitted via EZpay, you must visit the Barbados Licensing Authority at The Pine no earlier than two business days (but no later than eight business days) after payment, with a physical or electronic copy of your receipt, to get your plastic card replaced.

Vehicles that are 10 years of age or older must pass a roadworthy inspection to be bought, sold or insured. Inspections must be performed by an authorised garage, or the Vehicle Inspection Division of the Barbados Licensing Authority.

We do not recommend any specific insurance provider, but you may wish to consider Trident Insurance or Guardian General. If you are renting or leasing a car, your hire company is responsible for arranging car insurance on your behalf.