Driving licences

Applying for a driving licence or visitor driving permit; and exchanging your foreign licence.

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To drive a vehicle on a public road in Barbados, you must have a valid domestic or foreign driving licence.

Local driving licences

Driving overseas on a Barbadian licence

You may be able to use your Barbadian driving licence overseas for a temporary period, depending on the country you are visiting. See foreign travel advice.

Renewing your Barbadian driving licence

The licence fee is BBD $50 for 1 year, BBD $125 for 3 years, or BBD $200 for 5 years.

You can pay for the renewal of your driving licence online via EZPay+, the official payment gateway of the Barbados Government. Alternatively, visit the Barbados Revenue Authority at The Pine if you prefer to pay in person (cash only).

Once you've paid for the renewal of your licence, visit the Barbados Licensing Authority at The Pine with an electronic or printed copy of your payment receipt to collect your driving licence. If you paid online via EZPay+, you must collect your driving licence within 8 working days, but no sooner than two working days after payment.

There are separate queues for driving licence applications, payments and collections. Don't hesitate to ask someone if you are not sure which queue you need to be in.

You are usually able to have your existing photo re-used; but if you want your photo to be re-taken, let the receptionist know when you are called forward.

Foreign driving licences

Driving in Barbados on a foreign licence

Visitors can drive in Barbados on a foreign driving licence if they are in receipt of a Visitor Driving Permit. The licence fee is BBD $10 for two months or BBD $100 for one year.

Persons renting a vehicle with a car hire company can purchase a Visitor Driving Permit directly from the company when the vehicle rental is delivered. Alternatively, Visitor Driving Permits can be purchased online from the Barbados Revenue Authority.

You must keep your driving licence and Visitor Driving Permit with you at all times whilst driving.

Exchanging your foreign licence for a local licence

You must be a Barbadian citizen or a foreign national with permanent residency, immigrant status, reside and work status, a work permit [1], a student visa [1], a Welcome Stamp visa, a CARICOM Skilled National certificate, a Special Entry permit or Right of Establishment. If this applies to you, follow these steps:

[1] Work permit / student visa must be valid for six months or longer.

[2] If you are visiting the Barbados Revenue Authority at the Bridge Street Mall, on-site parking is not possible. Persons may use the public car park behind the orange building on Hinks Street (near Agapey Chocolate Factory) at a fee of approximately BBD $1.00 per hour (or part thereof). The walking distance between the car park and the mall is about 9 to 12 minutes. Use the pedestrian crossing at either end of Bridge St to cross the road to reach the entrance.

Frequently asked questions

If your foreign driving licence has expired, you will need to get your foreign driving licence renewed before you can apply for a Visitor Driving Permit.

However, if your foreign driving licence is expiring (but has not yet expired), the validity period of your Visitor Driving Permit will be limited to the amount of time remaining on your foreign driving licence, or the maximum period allowed for the licence fee paid, whichever is sooner.

Foreign nationals only need a Visitor Driving Permit if they wish to drive on public roads in Barbados using a valid foreign driving licence.

It is not currently possible to apply for a new driving licence online.

However, if you have a Barbados ID card and your driving licence expired less than three years ago, you can renew your driving licence at ezpay.gov.bb. Once payment has been submitted via EZpay, you must visit the Barbados Licensing Authority at The Pine no earlier than two business days (but no later than eight business days) after payment, with a physical or electronic copy of your receipt, to get your plastic card replaced.

Fixed penalty notices need to be paid to the Clerk of the Magistrate's Court for the relevant district mentioned therein. If the penalty notice states District A, you need to visit the Accounts Section of the Supreme Court, located at Whitepark Road in Bridgetown. [1] When you arrive, follow signs for the Registration Offices.

[1] District 'A' Magistrates Court has been temporarily relocated to the Supreme Court Complex at Whitepark Road, as of April 24, 2021.