Car & vehicle rentals

Car rentals; visitor driving permits; and what to expect driving in Barbados.

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If you plan to rent a car for less than six months, we recommend Drive-a-Matic, who we have found to be consistently trustworthy and reliable. For car rentals in excess of six months, we recommend leasing a car from a company such as Inchcape Barbados, as it is usually much cheaper than renting.

Please note you must have a valid domestic or foreign driving licence to drive on a public road in Barbados. If you have a foreign licence, you cannot use it in Barbados without a valid Visitor Registration Certificate, commonly known as a Visitor Driving Permit.

Fuel prices

Petroleum is expensive in Barbados due to the duties and taxes imposed by the government. However, all gas stations in Barbados charge the same rate because fuel prices are fixed by the government.

We regularly publish the latest gasoline and diesel prices on our news blog.

Driving in Barbados

Remember to drive on the left side of the road.

Unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise, the speed limit on most roads is 60 km/h, except on the ABC Highway and Spring Garden Highway where the speed limit is 80 km/h. However, the speed limit is lower in Bridgetown, at 40 km/h.

There are many roundabouts in Barbados. Unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise, the left lane is for turning left only. Learn more how roundabouts work in Barbados.

Parking your vehicle

In Barbados, it is customary to reverse into a parking space (i.e. have the vehicle facing forward), making it easier and safer to exit a parking space when you're leaving.

Please be advised it is a road traffic offence to park a vehicle on a footpath (i.e. a pavement or sidewalk).

Frequently asked questions

I was given a fixed penalty notice. Where do I pay the fine?

Fixed penalty notices need to be paid to the Clerk of the Magistrate's Court for the relevant district mentioned therein. If the penalty notice states District A, you need to visit the Accounts Section of the Supreme Court, located at Whitepark Road in Bridgetown. [1] When you arrive, follow signs for the Registration Offices.

[1] District 'A' Magistrates Court has been temporarily relocated to the Supreme Court Complex at Whitepark Road, as of April 24, 2021.

Will I need a Visitor Driving Permit if I have a Barbados Driving Licence?

Foreign nationals only need a Visitor Driving Permit if they wish to drive on public roads in Barbados using a valid foreign driving licence.

Will I be able to get a Visitor Driving Permit if my foreign licence is expiring, or has expired?

If your foreign driving licence has expired, you will need to get your foreign driving licence renewed before you can apply for a Visitor Driving Permit.

However, if your foreign driving licence is expiring (but has not yet expired), the validity period of your Visitor Driving Permit will be limited to the amount of time remaining on your foreign driving licence, or the maximum period allowed for the licence fee paid, whichever is sooner.