Broadband & mobile

High-speed fibre broadband and fast 4G data helps keep you connected and working.

There are two providers in Barbados: Flow and Digicel. In our experience, Flow is more reliable. However, both providers offer fast fibre broadband and has extensive 4G coverage across the Island.

To sign up for broadband service, you will need a permission letter signed by your landlord if you are renting. If you are signing up with Flow, they provide a branded permission letter that your landlord can print and sign.

If you are a foreign national, Flow and Digicel usually require a security deposit to sign up for broadband service. This is normally around BDS $150, but the exact amount may vary. If you become a permanent resident or a citizen of Barbados in the future, you may be able to claim back any unused portion of your security deposit.

It is not possible to order a mobile SIM online. If you need one, you will need to visit a Flow or Digicel store in person. Both companies have stores at the Sheraton Mall, Sky Mall and The Dome.

Barbados is a member of the North America Numbering Plan. To learn more about this and how customers are charged for phone calls in Barbados, read our guide on how phone calls work.